We are 3 enthusiasts who have teamed up to provide the best possible informal education on the market to physiotherapists, kinesiologists, physicians, masseurs, personal trainers, pilates instructors, yoga instructors, osteopaths and others who work with the human body through touch and movement.

Because we educate ourselves in multiple fields and use various techniques in our everyday work to achieve the best possible results with our clients, we want to help you achieve the same by bringing top quality courses to your doorstep. Until now, the availability of quality education in the ex-Yu countries has been sparse, with just a few courses being held around these parts.

We offer over 20 types of courses and workshops held by the best domestic and foreign lecturers. Improve the quality and expand the range of your services – your clients will be grateful to you, and you’ll be more competitive on the labor market.

The Initium association is centered in the Republic of Croatia but operates even beyond. So far, our workshops have been attended by our colleagues from all over Europe, but also from the USA and Canada. Our goal is to spread quality education even further, and we invite you to join us!