Initium is Croatia’s largest organization for further education of physiotherapists, physicians, kinesiologists, osteopaths, masseurs, personal trainers, pilates instructors, yoga instructors and others involved in treating the locomotor system through movement and touch.

We’re offering over 20 types of courses and workshops all led by renowned, world-recognized lecturers, which cover absolutely everything you will ever need in practice.

Our wide range of educational programs includes kinesiotaping (by Rocktape), IASTM, Dry Needling and Flossing techniques, world-renowned myofascial techniques such as Anatomy Trains, Emmet, Emmtech and Scarwork (structural treatment of scars), manual techniques by the Prague school of rehabilitation, Neurodynamics and Mobilisation of the Neuroimmune system techniques and specific assessment and testing techniques like the unique P-DTR, BodyReading and NKT. We also offer courses for techniques intended for kinesiologists and trainers (which are also often attended by physiotherapists wanting to expand their knowledge on movement and exercise) such as the renowned Anatomy Trains – In Training and McGill workshops.

In the past year we have successfully held over 30 courses, with over 700 local and foreign students attending. The recognition we received from our participants on the domestic and foreign markets is a great indicator of the speed at which Initium is developing, and it’s encouraging us in our desire to enable you to rise above on a professional level and acquire new acquaintances and skills, and to work together with you to raise physiotherapy and kinesiology to a higher level in order for Croatia to become a destination of quality rehabilitation, training and education.

Improve the quality and expand the range of your services – your clients will be grateful to you, and you’ll be more competitive on the labor market.

And don’t forget – education isn’t something you can finish!